Comedy by Latinas. For Everyone.

Latina. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Strong, resilient, fierce, brown, beauty, hot, fire, chica, taco, wait who the F said that?! We are more than what we see portrayed in the media and this channel was created to celebrate the whole spectrum of who we are. Latinx culture has influenced so much of the American mainstream and the truth is, we too have been influenced by our non-Latinx counterparts. Our channel aims to celebrate all of you, whoever that may be, without judgement. If you wanna be a chola, be a chola! If you wanna be basic, cheers betch, we got you. So come join the party, take a break and have a laugh on us. We promise you don't even have to be Latina to get it. Well, maybe sometimes. 

Created by: Diana Cabuto & Christina Igaraividez

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