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Why do we tell stories?

 As a teen, I noticed whenever my mom told me about something that happened in her day she would go into detail about the who, what, where and why and I’d always interrupt with “Mom get to the point!” Yes, I was that bratty teen. Despite my complaining, I soon realized I was speaking this way with my friends too. I loved giving the exposition, painting the picture, creating the suspense, the fear and the agony of… what Kelly wore today. I also realized that when I spoke this way, I had the full attention of anyone I spoke to: friends, family, even complete strangers. No phones, no distractions, just living in the story, RIGHT NOW.  



People gravitate to stories because they remind us of our human connection to each other. They make us feel, think and even ACT. They remind us that we are not alone in this world. That no matter how different we seem to be, there are always more things that we have in common than we don’t.



And I can help YOU utilize the power of storytelling to get your point across. Whether it’s for a stage, a conference room, or your digital audience, I will tailor my coaching for your specific need. Examples include:

  • Prep for that Storytelling Performance

  • Beef up your Corporate Presentation

  • Win your Wedding Speech

  • Create compelling Content That Will Spark Action

  • Persuade with your unique Idea Pitch

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I am...

a trained stage storyteller, have 10 years of corporate experience, winner of several Moth Storyslams, and hired storyteller for events such as The Moth Mainstage and the We All Grow Conference. I also host and produce with Teatro Luna West, a monthly storytelling show in Los Angeles called “Talking While Female: Storytelling Sessions” that exclusively features women of color storytellers. (Check out my events page!)

I am currently a writer, actor and content creator for both digital and stage performance. I am also an ensemble member of Teatro Luna West.

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Tell me about you and what you are looking for. I’d love to tell you more about my process.